Uncover an ever-expanding collection of the newest and coolest tech & gadgets to boggle the thoughts and amuse technically-inquisitive people. In at this time’s excessive-tech society, $a hundred can get you pretty far. However our smart Good Dwelling people think these are “the wackiest innovation we have seen but” and not just because it has two washer compartments and two dryer compartments. Ive even heard of individuals creating heating chambers utilizing a lightbulb that activates and off.

With a raft of progressive new features and sufficient 4K and HD recording options to make your head spin, this alternative to Panasonic’s video-widespread GH4 promises to be probably the most impressive cameras of the year. Why it is awesome: If you happen to produce podcasts or use your smartphone for recording music, you will find that this high-high quality microphone runs circles around your built-in ones.

Now I do not know how a lot weight this mattress radiator-mattress helps but when it will probably take two medium people it’s awesome. Get relevant info, take appropriate steps Your Netatmo Weather Station helps you decide about your actions.Receive real-time alerts.

But the QwikSEER+ WattSaver add-on controller board makes your AC system more environment friendly by running the blower motor on the optimum speed to match the temperature and humidity levels in your home. What it’s: The PogoPlug gives you access to your recordsdata from anywhere, on any gadget.cool tech gadgetscool tech gadgets

What it is: The L5 is a dock-connector-dongle-and-app combo that transforms your iOS device right into a universal remote. Probably not, however we’ve got gadgets for those people as nicely. We carry thousands of unique and strange presents, from enjoyable jewelry and funky accessories to inventive house decor and kitchen objects.cool tech gadgets